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Badger Shredding Products

Badger offers a versatile line of products to meet the ever demanding needs of our customers.

With machines that are mobile, semi stationary, stationary, diesel or electric, there is a Badger for everyone


Mobiel Track Concrete biomass tires wood


Semi Mobile




Concrete with rebar

concrete with rebar




Tire Shredding


 Technical Specifications

STANDARD MODELSModel B-200Model B-300Model B-400Model B-600
Standard Diesel:    
Cummins T4F  
Horsepower:200 HP300 HP460 HP600 HP
Cummins Tier III     
Horsepower:170 HP275 HP400 HP610 HP
Electric Option(1) 200 HP electric Motor(2) 150 HP electric Motors(2) 200 Electric Motors(2) 300 HP electric motors
Unit Weight45,000lbs58,000lbs75,000lbs90,000lbs
Standard Shredding Chamber dimensions50" X 60"50" X 60"60" X 72"60" X 96"
No. of shafts:2 ea.2 ea.2 ea.2 ea.
Standard Number of Blades Per Shaft12 per shaft8 per shaft9 per shaft12 per shaft
Blade Diminsion:2-1/2" X 28" Dia3-1/2" X 28" Dia3-3/4" X 31" Dia4" X 34" Dia
Cutting elements per blade2 ea.2 ea.2 ea.2 ea.
Shaft/Blade RPM 5 to 15 RPM7 to 20 RPM10 to 15 RPM10 to 15 RPM
Machine length in operating mode31'35'44'48'
Width of belt36"36"48"48"
Dumping height8'-0"8'-0"10'-0"10'-0"
Overall unit height10'-0"10'-0"11'-3"11'3"
Overall unit width8'-0"8'-0"10'-4"10'-4"
Estimated Production Capacities:    
Concrete With RebarUp to 50 ton per hourUp to 125 ton per hourUp to 200 ton per hourUp to 300 ton per hour
C&DUp to 25 ton per hourUp to 50 ton per hourup to 75 ton per hourUp to 150 ton per hour
Badger Shredding Products reserves the right to change or improve all models without notice.