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The Badger Patented Blade System offers a versatile system with a long lasting blade. 

The wear parts are easily changeable and are long lasting due to the slow rotation of the shafts.

This blade system is extremely adaptable to many types of materials, making it a true asset to any processing system.


Large entry doors allow easy access to all the shredders vital components.



Badger Shredding remains committed to quality manufacturing and providing top notch service and support to its customers. Many equipment manufacturers forget about their customers after the initial sale but its Badgers philosophy to be a partner with its customers by providing the service and support long after the initial sale. This unparalleled customer service is what keeps our customers coming back to us time and time again when they are considering their capital equipment purchases for their recycling operations.


The Badger is supplied with an ICAN control system that is designed to monitor and control the electrical and hydraulic components of the shredder. This controller has an advanced built-in diagnostic screen that displays the electric circuits and identifies the location of any defaults, for repair. The system is capable of shutting the machine down in case of an emergency.

Easy To Use

The radio remote gives the operator control of the shredder functions. 

A safety beacon flashes and a horn sounds before the chamber begins processing material. 

The ICAN controller automatically reverses the blades if an overload condition occurs.  This helps prevent damage to the chamber.

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concrete and rebar shredding


The Badger is designed to shred some of the more difficult material types with ease.  This is an added feature of the Badger when considering the cost of wear and tear, down time, and costly repairs.

Badger chambers are designed with a long lasting core. Blades are individually assembled on the shaft. There is no welding involved and each component may be replaced individually. This is an important feature when considering the costs of a fabricated shaft assembly.


There is easy and convenient access to key components such as the hydraulic system, chamber, conveyor and magnet.